VCI PP Woven fabric bags

Inviker PP woven fabric bags are made of a highly resistant braided polypropylene fabric. Due to this characteristic, it is a material widely used in industrial packaging, mainly in the steel, metallurgical and automotive sectors, etc.

It can also be supplied with a laminated layer of polyethylene creating a waterproof complex. The PP woven fabric bags can be treated with VCI to obtain protection against the corrosion.

What are the Inviker VCI PP woven fabric bags designed for?

  • Inviker VCI PP woven fabric bags are designed to protect large parts and their ends
  • Due to the great resistance that this complex offers, it is used to pack materials with points and edges.
  • It is used in the packaging of those materials that are exposed and require additional protection and resistance.
  • It is a complex that offers protection against corrosion

They can be supplied sewn or thermo sealed.

Measurements mm Grammage gsm/m2 Printing Color
On customer’s request 65 On customer’s request Transparent or white

This material can also be supplied in the form of a tube, for the packaging of long parts.


In sacks/bags

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VCI PP Woven fabric bags

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