Bituminous net paper

The Inviker bituminous net paper is a complex material composed of a layer of Kraft paper, a PE net, a layer of bitumen and a plastic layer.

What is Inviker bituminous net paper designed for?

  • It is an effective and economical packaging that protects your products against moisture.
  • Ideal for wrapping marine wood boxes and baling protecting your parts from moisture (automotive parts, industrial machined parts, engines, etc.).
  • The rolls of bituminous paper constitute a barrier against water and humidity, protecting your products conditioned in export packaging.
  • Like any paper packaging, it is very easy to use and quick to implement.
  • Bituminous Kraft paper resists perforation.

It can be made with smooth paper or crepe paper

Can be reinforced with an inner net layer

Width mm  Gramamge grs/m2
In rolls of 1200mm width or customized formats 160


It is supplied in rolls or in formats.

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Bituminous net paper
Bituminous net paper

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