• 100%
  • Gray cardboard

    Gray cardboard

    It can be used as an interlayer between pieces because of its good resistance and at the same time it has a small volume. Available in reels and sheets.

  • Kraft paper

    Kraft paper

    Kraft wrapping paper.

    Available in different qualities and weights.

    It can be supplied in rolls or sheets.

  • Rafia

    Bags made with polypropylene material PP

    PP Woven Fabric is a high-strength material. Thanks to this feature is a material widely used for industrial packaging in the steel, metallurgical, automotive, etc ...

    It can be supplied in reels. Available in different widths, size and weights.

    It can also be supplied with a laminated layer of polyethylene giving impermeability, with VCI corrosion treatment and with printing.

  • VCI Film

    VCI Film

    Provides corrosion protection to multi-metals, is easy to use, non hazardous. The VCI film is impregnated with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors.Can be supplied in different thickness. Available in reels, sheets, bags with pre-cut or without it.

  • VCI Paper

    VCI Paper

    These types of papers are kraft papers impregnated with VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) which provide an extremely dry method of protection.

    They give an effective and long term protection of metals in any adverse conditions. It can be applied in: steel mills, engineering, automotive, electronics, etc.

    Grammages of 50 and 70 grs/m2 can be supplied.

    Available in sheets, reels or envelopes.

    Also available VCI paper laminated with a polyethylene layer adding waterproofing capacity.

  • Net Stretch Film

    Net Stretch Film

    Stretch film with mesh reinforcement inside.

    Material consisting of a layer of stretch film, a layer of mesh and stretch film.

    Is a material that can be used in automatic machines or manually. It is used for its high strength and durability.

  • Bitumen paper

    Bitumen paper

    Is a complex material composed of paper and a layer of bitumen. Used as insulation and moisture barrier.

    Can be reinforced with mesh or PP Woven Fabric.

    Available in rolls and sheets.